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Luxury aravali resort Gurgaon is the nearest and well connected greenest eco-zones of Delhi NCR, our resort is well connected to the road and easily reachable through Gurgaon Sohna road in the lap of Aravali hills range. We offer our resort and farmhouse for personal parties and for corporate meetings and parties in the lap of nature with all modern facilities with full security to our guests.

All our facilities have guest friendly policies and we ensure for your great time with nature and your love and dear ones in the lap Aravali with birds giving background music with their chirping throughout the day and clear sky with stars soothing your night at our stay in Aravali resort.

Enjoy your day with astonishing views of Aravali with lots of games and fun activities arranged by us as a complimentary gift with our trained and professional staff to restorative your hustle and recharge you for fun food Music and views so that you can focus on your goals with full energy after the break at our resort/farmhouse in Aravali.

We also plan group parties and family get together at our resort and farmhouse in Aravali with customized packages specially designed to fit every need and also we add or change as per the need and type of party/ function with our trained and professional staff.

We arrange weekend escape parties and ensure you must get the hang on or a break from your daily busy routine and takes you to little closer to nature in Luxury Aravali resort Gurgaon.

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We offer Farmhouse for parties in Aravali Gurgaon to corporates at a special package. Call us for your special and customized package for a great stay in Aravali hills near Delhi NCR with many activities for adventure-loving folks.

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